Best CBD Oil for Anxiety, Pain Relief & Stress

We reviewed hundreds of CBD oils available on the market as of July 2023 and created a simple list to help you pick the best product for alleviating your anxiety, stress or chronic pain. Each CBD oil was evaluated across a variety of factors: potency, purity, price, anxiety & stress reduction impact, pain relief efficacy, customer reviews, flavor profiles and more, and these CBD oils are truly the best options out there.

Have a question about a specific CBD oil for anxiety, stress or pain relief? Ask us in the comments!

Keep in mind, price can fluctuate over time so we will try to update the prices as frequently as possible. Please refer to the product links in each of the sections to get the most up to date pricing information from the manufacturer's websites.

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Best CBD Oil for Anxiety, Pain Relief & Stress

Table of Contents

Top 10 Best CBD Oils for Anxiety, Stress & Pain Relief

Picture CBD Oil Potency (CBD per Serving) Price per Bottle Total CBD per Bottle Cost per mg CBD
Best CBD Oil For Anxiety - CBDistillery CBDistillery

Editor's choice

33.33mg $60-$70
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Greenroads Best CBD Oil
Green Roads CBD Oil
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Hemp Bombs CBD Oil
Hemp Bombs CBD Oil 16.66mg $45-$50
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Koi Naturals Best CBD Oil for Anxiety Koi Naturals CBD Oil 83.33mg


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Best CBD Oil for Anxiety - CBDPure CBDPure 8.33mg $45-$55
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NuLeaf Best CBD Oil for Anxiety
NuLeaf Naturals
83.33mg $99-$105
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Best CBD Oil for Anxiety - Nature's Script Nature's Script 1000 CBD Oil 33.33mg $99-$120
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Best CBD Oil for Anxiety - Populum Populum CBD Oil 17mg $90-$100
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Best CBD Oil for Anxiety PureKana Natural CBD Oil 15mg $90-$100
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Best CBD Oil for Anxiety - Ananda Hemp Oil Ananda CBD Hemp Oil 20mg $80-$95
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Things to consider before buying

There are a couple of things you absolutely need to consider before choosing best CBD oil.

1) Comparing Concentrations : CBD oil, sold as oil in CBD capsules or CBD tincture, does range in concentrations. The majority of CBD oil manufacturers sell a 250mg, 500mg and 1,000mg dosage of their oil, giving consumers the right dosage for their personal needs. Typical with most medicines, a higher doses of CBD oil will have a stronger effect. A first-time CBD oil user should start with a low to moderate concentration of CBD oil, like a 250mg or 500mg CBD tincture or a 10mg or 25mg CBD capsule. With time, the dosage of CBD oil can be adjusted to fit your individual needs.

2)¬†Isolate vs. Full Spectrum Oil¬†:¬† CBD oil comes in two variations: Full-spectrum, whole-plant CBD oil, which contains a variety of other active ingredients in addition to the key ingredient CBD and CBD isolate, which only contains isolated CBD compound. On the surface isolated CBD sounds like the best product right? Its straight CBD, this is a no brainer. Actually on the contrary, data shows that there are a ton of benefits to choosing to use ¬†full spectrum hemp oil. Several CBD experts note that oil with additional active ingredients has an ‚Äúentourage effect,‚ÄĚ producing a better result for the consumer. In layman's term, CBD may potentially be more effective when consumed with other hemp based compounds. At the end of the day our bodies are different, test both and see what works for you. ¬†

3) Dosage Form & Delivery Method:  CBD oil doesn’t just mean oil -- in fact, CBD is available in a variety of different serving sizes forms and delivery methods. For example, in our online shop, CBD is available in several different concentrations as CBD tincture, in single origin hemp capsules and as hemp salve. All three delivery options contain identical active ingredients but offer different levels of accessibility and convenience. While Functional Remedies currently does not offer it, you can also purchase CBD oil as a simple oil, letting you inhale it via vaporizer pen. In the end, a variety of options are available, making it easy to consume and benefit from CBD through the method that best suits your needs.

4)  Cost per Milligram: CBD oils from different brands can vary widely in terms of the cost of a full bottle vs. the amount of CBD you actually get in that bottle. With more expensive oils, you tend to get what you pay for with higher quality extracts and better production processes. However, if you'd looking to get the maximum amount of CBD for the amount you spend, be sure to look at this factor.


Reviews of The Best CBD Oils for Anxiety, Pain Relief & Stress in 2020 

Editor's Choice: CBDistillery

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety - CBD Distillery

CBDistillery is out Editor's Choice product. Based out of Colorado, CBDistillery sells oils, isolates, capsules, and topical products. The products are pure and natural and the tinctures provide really quick relief. 

This product is great for those with true anxiety and the product works really well when you mix it in a juice or beverage. The other alternative is to use the tincture in the traditional way: putting it under your tongue. We also tested this product for insomnia and it worked well. They have a variety of different strengths ranging from 250mg to 5000mg as well as containers/bottles as large as 30 milliliters and as small as 15 milliliters. The testing is solid and there aren't any concerns here - a very good starter product for those new to CBD. This specific tincture as our favorite (non-flavored and easy to digest). 

Also - all Production Grower visitors get a special 5% off your entire order, just use the code: PGROWER5 at checkout!

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Average Review Rating: 4.9 stars

# of Reviews: 886+


Green Roads CBD Oil - Most Bang For Your Buck

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety - Green Roads

Green Roads CBD Oil is truly one of the best in the market - especially when it comes to picking one best suited for anxiety. There is a range of sizes of bottles you can choose from... anywhere from 100 mg all the way up to 3,500 MG). They do legit 3rd party testing and is great for those that like CBD Oil that is unflavored. Their manufacturing process is sound so you know the products within the CBD Oil will not lead to any unexpected side effects (which is underrated when looking at CBD Oil products. Currently, Green Roads only sells CBD Isolate. In our opinion, this is a great bang for your buck option and a good alternative to CBDistillery - especially consideration the good brand reputation and the positive effectives on anxiety and work/nighttime anxiety. 

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Average Online Review: 4.9 stars

# of Reviews: 1240+


Hemp Bombs  - Best for Anxiety

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety - Hemp Bombs

  • Summary:¬†Hemp Bomb is the up and coming product and when you're looking for¬†premium,¬†they are a good place to shop. They go straight to the source and it is extracted from superior¬†premium hemp that is organic and certified in terms of health standards. The hemp is grown using sustainability methods with non-GMO materials. The hemp farms they work with are top notch which you can see in their product. All of their products are currently manufacture in-house which allows them to control key parts of their supply chain. Many CBD companies have multiple different manufacturers throughout the supply chain which leaves room for breakage. All of the products are guaranteed through verified lab testing with ingredients.¬†
  • Additional Benefits from Hemp Bombs:¬†The team here at Production Grower actually went ahead and did some testing internally on the effects of Hemp Bombs CBD product and we came away extremely impressed. We measured for a variety of different things and the most common improvements that we saw were: 1) Mood 2) Sleep Quality 3) Stress. We tested this with over 10 different test subjects and 95% reported an uptick in mood. 70% reported an uptick in sleep quality and 64% reported an reduction of stress. Consumers that are shopping for CBD can feel confident they are in good hands if they are buying Hemp Bombs. The true strength of the Hemp Bombs brand is that they control the manufacturing process from plant to product line.¬† ¬†
  • Various Doses:¬†Available in 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, and 4000mg bottles.¬†
  • Price Ranges:¬†$49.00 ‚Äď $299.00
  • Productiongrower Customer Service & Shipping Rating:¬†9.5/10


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Koi Naturals CBD Oil - Highest Quality

Best CBD Oil For Anxiety - Koi Naturals

100% NATURAL ORGANIC AUTHENTIC AND PURE: We don't use any chemicals whatsoever in our products! All our products are Vegan and suitable for vegetarians.

Co2 EXTRACTION: Using the method of Co2 extraction presents the highest possible purity in hemp oil keeping it rich in its natural organic ingredients, this Carbon dioxide based extraction is used to be more environmentally friendly, considerably safer, cleaner and less toxic than using fossil fuel based extraction.

RICH IN NATURAL NUTRIENTS: Hemp contains a wide range of valuable nutrients, flavonoids and terpenoids, as well as essential fatty acids OMEGA-3 and OMEGA-6 which can help support overall well-being.

CERTIFIED & APPROVED: Researched & Developed to GMP standards in USA using only certified organic non-GMO hemp oil. Produced under strict quality control in small batches. We are also member of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA).

HEALTHY MIND AND BODY: The unique composition of fatty acids and vitamins found in this oil help to balance mood, reduce anxiety and support overall wellbeing.

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Average Review Rating: 4.8 stars

# of Reviews: 244+


CBDPure - Best Flavor

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety - CBDPure


CBDPure Hemp Oil is world class and is a Production Grower favorite. You can't go wrong here. CBDPure is a cannabidiol oil derived from certified organic-standards home-grown in Colorado. This product doesn't contain any harmful pesticides or herbicides. Each batch is tested and certified by a third-party lab for every batch. Remember, CBD doesn't have any psychoactive properties that is found in recreational hemp. The CBDPure Hemp Oil lab tests and reports are available if you want to ask them about it. 

      • Various Doses: 100mg, 300mg, 600mg, 750mg with a bottle size of 30ml
      • Current Price Ranges: $55.00 ‚Äď $80.00

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NuLeaf Naturals- Heavy Hitter

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety - NuLeaf Naturals


NuLeaf is a great option as it has all natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives. NuLeaf is one of the older brands in the CBD market out of Colorado. This product contains a full spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes. NuLeaf uses extraction methods that utilize CO2, which is extremely environmentally friendly. 

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Average Online Review: 4.8 stars

# of Reviews: 9062+


Nature's Script 1000 CBD Oil - Cleanest Formula

At Nature's Script, all of the products are made in-house. They have a wide selection of different products, including CBD oils, gummies, e-liquids, capsultes, pain gel, syrup, and even pet oil. Nature's Script products are all from regulated farms that have environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. The CBD is isolated from metals, pesticides, and other contaminants via CO2 extraction. In terms of pure play CBD products, Nature's Script to our team was the cleanest.

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# of Reviews: 126+


Populum CBD Oil - For The Expensive Taste

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety - Populum CBD

PREMIUM - One of the more expensive CBD products on the market, but you absolutely get what you pay for. When it comes to ranking the best CBD oils on the market for anxiety, Populum was excellent at being able to have effects kick in immediately. 

HOMEGROWN ‚Äď All of Populum's products are US grown on farms in Colorado. Each product also comes with 3rd party lab testing.¬†

GREAT FOR SLEEP - One of the best ranking products for sleep in addition to anxiety. 

VARIOUS DOSES - Comes in 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg. 


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# of Reviews: 100+


PureKana Natural CBD Oil - Full Spectrum Choice

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety 

NATURAL - This product is certified organic, with non-GMO ingredients, no pesticides, or chemicals that other oils are known for containing. It's organically grown and very well known amongst CBD brands. 

PureKana is unflavored so for those not looking for something sweet, this is a great option. 

FULL SPECTRUM- PureKana's benefit is that it is one of the few oils that we recommend that truly are full spectrum - which means it contains all the right cannabinoids that are supposed to be present in truly natural, organic CBD oil. The full spectrum oil from PureKana really aids with muscle relaxing, sleep, and most importantl,y anxiety. 

VARIOUS DOSES - Available in 300mg, 600mg, and 1000mg

See Best Price

# of  Reviews: 200+


Ananda CBD Hemp Oil - Beginner Option

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety - Ananda Hemp CBD Oil

Ananda products are grown all out of farms in Kentucky and don't contain any GMOs or pesticides - making it a very healthy and good choice for beginner's looking to try CBD to alleviate the anxiety.

They were one of the first brands to come to market back in 2014, importing seeds legally into the US during the early days of CBD. This is a very solid option for those looking to dip their toes into CBD. 

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# of Reviews: 50+


Frequently Asked Questions

How does CBD oil help with anxiety?

Numerous peer-reviewed, scientific research studies show signs that¬†CBD oil may help relieve anxiety, and it can do so without the many negative side effects of anxiety pills, medications or other less-natural supplements for anxiety. CBD (also known as¬†cannabidiol) is a type of cannabinoid, a chemical found naturally in¬†cannabis plants. Unlike the more commonly known THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD doesn‚Äôt get you ‚Äúhigh‚ÄĚ or cause feelings of intoxication that many frequently associate with cannabis. It also doesn't have the strong¬†sedative or narcotic effects¬†common with the¬†anxiety pills pushed by the pharmaceutical industry.

If you'd like to read more into the recent research supporting CBD as a treatment for anxiety, check out these resources from the National Institutes of Health below:


Cannabis, Marijuana, and Hemp ‚Äď what‚Äôs the difference?

The most important thing to understand when thinking about where to buy CBD oil online is to first understand the difference between Cannabis, Marijuana, and Hemp. 

First and foremost, Cannabis, Marijuana, and Hemp are not the same thing and are often times used interchangeably with one another. Using the words interchangeably with one another is simply wrong and often times leads to confusion. Cannabis is a family of plants with three classifications: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica are the two primary classifications. See below for an illustration of the differences between the three species:

Where to buy CBD oil online? Where does CBD come from?

Both Marijuana and Hemp are derived from the Cannabis sativa family and have similar characteristics, but very important distinctions. Hemp and Marijuana may come from the same family, but are both have very different, distinct physical properties. Marijuana plants typically are shorter and have broader leaves with a more bushy appearance. Hemp is taller, narrower, and has thinner leaves. When looking at both Hemp and Marijuana side to side, the differences are certainly noticeable. See the image below for a side by side comparison (hemp being on the left and marijuana being on the right). 

Where to buy CBD oil online - Marijuana hemp what's the difference

Both are grown in a controlled fashion. Hemp or industrial hemp is used for commercial purposes and everyday products while marijuana is used for the "high" inducing feelings it produces with its products. 


Is THC and CBD the same thing?

The Cannabis plant contains different compounds called Cannabinoids ‚Äď the most dominant Cannabinoids being Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). ¬†Both compounds are responsible for all of the medical benefits you‚Äôve heard about throughout the years via your friends or the news. THC is almost always mentioned in the same breath as CBD ‚Äď so it‚Äôs important to understand the difference between the two.

¬†CBD is¬†not¬†a psychoactive drug. It‚Äôs very important for someone new to CBD understand that CBD is completely separate from THC (an intoxicating and illegal substance in most states that causes people to get ‚Äúhigh‚ÄĚ). Specifically, CBD and THC are similar at the biological molecular level, but have drastically differing effects (THC gets you high, CBD does not). Because the two are so closely linked together, there is quite a bit of confusion and sometimes, hysteria around whether products contain more THC than is legally allowed. CBD is used for a lot of medical purposes and can be legally sourced if done properly, THC is not.

Hemp (where CBD oil comes from) contains an extremely low concentration of THC (.3% or less), and Marijuana typically contains anywhere from 15% to 40% THC (hence, why you get the ‚Äúhigh‚ÄĚ feeling). For a better illustration of the difference between THC and CBD, take a look at the actual chemistry make-up of the two:

Where to buy CBD oil online? CBD vs. THC make-up chemistry


What is Hemp Oil and is it the same as CBD oil? 

While searching for where to buy CBD oil online, you’ll notice that a lot of companies use the terms CBD oil and hemp oil interchangeably. Not only is this wrong and confusing to the consumer, it's important for people to understand the difference. Hemp oil and CBD oil come from different parts of the plant. Hemp oil, as mentioned earlier, has less than .3% THC or no THC at all and is created from pressing the seeds of the plant. It’s used for everyday items like lotions, soaps, and even foods. CBD oil is created from the leaves and other parts of the same plant, much higher in CBD content than hemp is. Both Hemp and CBD oil are packed with amino acids and vitamins but CBD oil contains a lot of the medical effects that Hemp oil does not have. 

CBD Oil may contain more than .3% THC, however, these are products that can be found in states where medical and/or recreational marijuana is legalized. CBD Oil that contains more than .3% THC has to go through regulatory approval and is considered by the government as marijuana. 

Hemp oil or hemp products can be found anywhere ‚Äď from your local drug store, Starbucks, to even at Now your question may be, is this legal for someone to be selling hemp oil on Amazon? The answer is yes. You'll see a ton of products like the one below on the site and it's perfectly legal. Amazon has a very strict policy when it comes to selling CBD content or products that contain high levels of CBD.¬†¬†

Where to buy CBD oil online? Why is hemp oil on Amazon?


Pure hemp seed oil or hemp oil is marketed the same way as CBD oil, but be mindful that it does not contain nearly the same amount of CBD content that something like CBD oil would contain (CBD isolate or full spectrum CBD oil). Again, CBD and hemp oils are made entirely from different parts of the plant. CBD is a compound that is found in hemp flowers and is purified intensely after, hemp oil is made from the pressing of hemp seeds and is used in a variety of products that you are familiar with (soup, lotion + many more).

CBD is primarily used for purposes such as treating pain, sleep deprivation, inflammation, and other medicinal purposes. Hemp oil is often used as a supplement for food. Some may refer to hemp oil as hemp seed oil or CBD oil as hemp oil (I know, confusing). The most important thing for you as someone looking to at where to buy CBD oil online is to verify the contents of the product (i.e. is the oil from the seeds of the plant like hemp oil or is it extracted from other parts of the plant that is high in CBD content). 

For a brief recap of the differences, see below:

 Key Differences Hemp Oil (Hemp Seed Oil) CBD Oil
Species of Origin Hemp Hemp/Cannabis Sativa
How is the oil produced? Seeds Flowers and Leaves
Ratio of CBD to THC? Zero THC & CBD or extremely little High CBD / Low THC (<.3%)
Method used to produce? Pressing of seeds Extraction
Where can you buy? Amazon, Local Stores Dispensary or Online
Legal in all 50 states? Yes Yes (unless oil contains >.3% THC)


I'm confused, does CBD oil actually contain THC?

As a consumer of CBD oil, it's important to know that there are different types of CBD oil you can purchase in the market. For example, if you go to a local dispensary in a legal state and purchase CBD oil, it's likely the dispensary's product will have a CBD oil with THC levels that are above .3%. 

If you are purchasing CBD oil online, you'll probably run into companies that claim to have zero THC in their product or THC levels below .3%. If CBD is extracted from a plant that has THC levels above .3% it's considered marijuana and regulated by the government (hence why you can only buy this type of CBD oil in dispensaries). If it's below, it's considered industrial hemp. CBD oil from industrial hemp is considered a very safe product as it's legal in 50 states and has virtually zero THC. The simplest way to think of CBD oil is that CBD oil may contain higher levels of THC (typically found in legalized states in dispensaries) or will contain lower levels of THC and can be purchased in retail stores and online on multiple sites. 


Is it legal to purchase CBD oil online?

If you're looking to purchase a product that has low levels of THC (.3% or below), you'll probably want to look for one that is made from hemp. You can find these online as well as in stores. One important thing to note is to check the lab/test results for the products to understand the make-up of the product you are consuming. All legit companies should have this on their website or in readily available places. If you can't find one, it's probably not a company you want to trust. 

Conversely, if you want to purchase a CBD product with more than .3%, you'll need evaluate the laws in your particular state. See the map below if you are unfamiliar:


Where to buy CBD oil online? Where is CBD legal?


If you are in a state that has legalized marijuana, you can go to a local dispensary to buy it. If you are not, than your chances of getting CBD oil with THC levels above .3% are much tougher and you'll probably want to stay with CBD oil made from hemp (the safer choice anyways). 

Although it is legal to manufacture products containing CBD from naturally low-THC hemp in the U.S., it's not yet broadly legal to grow hemp here. We work with farms in the European Union to carefully test and review 3,000 varieties of hemp. This is the best way to find the one that thrives and produces the optimal ratio of cannabinoids so that our CBD oil products meet restrictions in the U.S. and throughout the world.

Nearly ‚ÖĒ of the hemp-growing countries worldwide are in Europe, often on small family-owned farms and grown free of pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.

CBD sourced from hemp is a legal dietary supplement sold in all 50 U.S. states. Because CBD supplements derived from hemp are 100% legal to purchase, ship, and consume anywhere in the U.S., you can take these CBD oils with you wherever you go, including over state lines. CBD hemp oil products are also legal to purchase and import in over 40 countries, including nations in Europe, the Middle East, East Asia, and Latin America. 


What is the difference between Full Spectrum CBD Oil and CBD Isolate?

Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains other cannabinoids from the plant, including THC, CBN (Cannabinol), CBG (Cannabigerol). When someone is referring to Full Spectrum CBD oil, the THC levels are typically lower than .3%. In contrast, CBD Isolate is pure CBD and has been isolated from the other cannabinoids in the plant. There are debates as to what is more effective, but ultimately this depends on the person.

When thinking about where to buy CBD oil online, you'll come across companies that market their product as full spectrum CBD oil or as CBD isolate. You'll probably come across full spectrum CBD oil more commonly when researching online. 


Are there other ways to consume CBD instead of oil? 


Method Description
CBD OIL CBD Oil Tinctures: The most common way to consume CBD is via oil or tincture (this is via a dropper) where you can place a drop of CBD underneath your tongue for fast acting relief. 
CBD Topicals: This is a popular method for those looking for pain or muscle relief. A good alternative if you are not big on the oil aspect. 
CBD vaporizer CBD Vaporizer: You can vaporize CBD if you want to feel the effects of CBD quickly without the adverse effects of actually smoking. This is popular for consumers of high CBD / high THC products. Very useful if you need quick results. 
CBD Spray: A good alternative to oil and is used similarly. You can leverage the spray by applying the product underneath your tongue and getting fast results. This is a good solution if you have varying levels of THC/CBD in the products you want to try. 


What is the best CBD dosage?

The easiest way to determine the appropriate dosage of CBD is to first understand your weight as well as need.


CBD Dosage recommendation for Pain


CHILD  Under 25 pounds  25-50 pounds  51-100 pounds
Mild 2 mg 4-5 mg  6-8 mg
Medium 4 mg  7-8 mg  9-11 mg
Severe 6 mg  10-11 mg 12-14 mg
ADULT 101-150 pounds 151-240 pounds 241+ pounds
Mild 8-12 mg 12-16 mg 16-30mg
Medium 11-15mg 16-25 mg 26-50 mg
Severe 15-25 mg 26-50 mg 50 mg+


CBD Dosage recommendation for Anxiety

CHILD  Under 25 pounds  25-50 pounds  51-100 pounds
Mild .5 mg - 1 mg 1-2 mg 2-5 mg
Medium 1-2 mg 2-4 mg 5-6 mg
Severe 3-4 mg 4-6 mg 7-8 mg
ADULT 101-150 pounds 151-240 pounds 241+ pounds
Mild 8-12 mg 12-16 mg 16-30 mg
Medium 11-15 mg 16-25 mg 26-50 mg
Severe 15-25 mg 26-50 mg 50 mg+

*none of this should be taken as medical or clinical advice. 


What is CBD Oil?

CBD (also commonly referred to as cannabidiol) is one of the most commonly found compounds in the cannabis plant. Contrary to its more famous cousin, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD is 100% non psychoactive, meaning it won't get you high. CBD Oil, an oil extract from the cannabis plant containing high concentrations of CBD, has become extremely popular around the world in recent years. This non-intoxicating cannabis extract is being credited with helping treat a host of medical problems, including chronic pain, epileptic seizures, anxiety, inflammation and sleeplessness + many more. CBD has proven in preclinical trials to be effective in managing depression, tumors, pain, sleeping disorders, porn addiction and appetites.


How Do I Select The Best CBD Oil?

CBD is being produced without any regulation, resulting in products that vary widely in quality - which is why we created this article in the first place. 

We compiled a list of the top CBD oils on the market for the year of 2018 (the cheat sheet table is above with price ranges). Keep in mind, price can fluctuate depending on the manufacturer so we will try to update the prices as frequently as possible. Please refer to the product links in each of the sections to get the most up to date pricing information on the relative websites.

We highly recommend reading through lab test/results so that you have a clear understanding of the contents of the substance you are testing. CBD is a fairly new product that is extremely popular - which means that companies see this as an opportunity to make money. If you are not an informed consumer, you may end up purchasing a product that doesn't really have legal or the right ingredients. 


What are common side effects of CBD?

The vast majority of people that take CBD do not experience any side effects whatsoever. However, just like other types of medication, there are side effects that come about all the time. It's important to note that before buying CBD or any CBD brand on the market, you should absolutely start with a small dosage and work your way up. The absolute most common side effect for CBD is sleepiness or grogginess. In addition, you should take into consideration any other medication you are currently taking and how that can affect you when you mix it with CBD (think adderall or painkillers in general). 

If you feel concerned, please check in with your doctor to make sure that it doesn't affect you in any serious way. 


What should I feel when I take CBD?

You shouldn't expect to feel any type of "high" immediately when you take CBD oil... especially if you are taking it for the first time. CBD is meant to reduce feeling, rather than induce a unique feeling you haven't had before. It definitely allows people to fall asleep more easily, or feel less pain or anxiety. 

There is a significant portion of the users that report a significant reduction in paint and inflammation - which not surprisingly, is a large portion of the country.  


Comparison of CBD Oil vs. Prescription Pills?

CBD Oil Prescription Pills
More cost efficient. There is variability here, but prescription pills are expensive. Depending on the dosage of CBD oil, it can be a very cost effective alternative to pills.  Less cost efficient. Prescription pills, over the counter drugs, and other types of pills typically used for pain relief can be an expensive and also very addictive habit. 
Less Side Effects. CBD oil contains little to no side effects because of the natural extraction process.  More Side Effects. It's very common to experience side effects with prescription pills (dizziness, headaches, heartburn). 
Long-term Health. Studies are increasingly showing that CBD oil is a very strong alternative to prescription pills given the minimal amount of side effects and natural process.  Long-term Health. Developing an addiction to prescription pills is something that can be extremely detrimental to your long-term health. 
Good for effective pain relief. Both CBD oil and prescription pills are effective when it comes to relieving pain.  Good for effective pain relief. Both CBD oil and prescription pills are effective when it comes to relieving pain. 
Less accessible. Unfortunately, CBD oil is something that many consumers are unaware they have access to. There is a ton of confusion around the process and legality.  More accessible. You can go to any local drug store to purchase over the counter drugs like Tylenol or other pills that are readily used for pain relief. 
Harder to shop for. The quality of the many CBD oil brands out there are much harder to distinguish b/w one another. Lots of angst and confusion.  Easier to comparison shop. It's much easier to go to the local grocery or drug store and shop for the different types of pain relievers. 

Photos of the oils in use

CBDistillery CBD Drop

Best CBD Oil CBDistillery CBD Drop Production Grower

CBDistillery CBD Drop Production Grower CBD Oil For Anxiety

 Green Roads CBD Oil

Green Roads CBD Oil Production Grower

Green Roads CBD Oil Production Grower CBD Oil For Anxiety

Beyond Bliss CBD Oil

Beyond Bliss CBD Oil Best CBD Oil For Anxiety

CBD Oil For Anxiety Beyond Bliss CBD Oil

Northstar Naturals CBD Oil

Northstar Naturals CBD Oil Best CBD Oil For Anxiety

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  • I have heard from some wonderful forum members already who have tried CBD oil and some said it was beneficial, while others said they are glad they tried it but that it didn‚Äôt help them. I am not endorsing nor discouraging the use of it, I am simply wanting to explore how others have experienced using it to see if it might be something for me to consider in future, particularly for pain management.

    Thank you in advance for sharing!

    Pamela Parker
  • works for me. It keeps me calm and eases my anxiety

    Mikaela Smiths
  • Nice list you have there sir. Well put together article with a wide selection of oils. You‚Äôre missing out out on a big hitter though. Absolute Nature CBD, if you haven‚Äôt tried them, you better. by far the best i‚Äôve had so far. You‚Äôll thank me! here you go.

    Stuart Beck
  • What I need CBD for, is pain relief. Non of the brands that you list has information as to the quality of pain relief. I have tried several different brands that other people expound the quality of pain relief. I‚Äôve never been able to notice any reduction of my pain, which is constant and often becomes quite bad and sometimes unbearable. More information about pain reduction would be greatly appreciated!!

    Allen D. Schroeder
  • This is a good article, but I don‚Äôt think you reviewed our oil I will put our blend up against anyone. Check us out!

    Andrew March
  • Fantastic article on cbd oil, very in-depth article and far better than most stuff I have been reading on this topic. I love the images too, love the ones of people actually using/ dropping the oil in their mouths. Thanks again, site bookmarked, look forward to reading more

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  • These kind of products some people are using in their daily life and you can buy THC cartridges online as well from web store to make delivery at your place.

    Andrew Mark
  • Who agrees with me that CBD oils are safe and really help, I am a living example. It can be used not only for medicinal purposes, but also as prophylactic. But do not forget that you need to always choose for yourself the correct dosage, how to do it correctly, I read on this source , where I order CBD oil.

    Knockout CBD
  • Please cancel my order for ‚ÄúTrue Bliss‚ÄĚ 500mg.

    William l Fossett
  • I am hoping to find a CBD oil for myself to help with my anxiety and depression. I have huge mood alterations and quickly go from high to low

  • What is the difference between CBD oil and Hemp oil?

  • Thanks for sharing this amazing information.

    Landscaping Companies in NJ

    Robert Fesi
  • Are the CBD oils sold at the video stores or in stores
    just as good as on line .i don’t want to have to spent alot

    Deb moon
  • My gr son has,TBI & HAS ANXIETY& sress .hard time sleeping .what kind if Cbd is best & how many milligrams a day .?
  • Our continuous endeavour is to create the highest quality hemp-energised products coupled with exceptional customer-focused service.

  • Hi guys

    I have spoken to someone from regarding your listing on The reason why your company has disappeared is because your listing has expired. You would have to create a new listing as the old listing was automatically deleted following a 30 day grace period at which it was not renewed.


    Gaye Foran
  • Thanks, for all the good info on CBD oil. CBD oil capsules helps in reducing pain, anxiety, depression, acne, and also beneficial for heart diseases. I bought it from SolisLabs and using it for many months and have seen much improvement in me.

  • Thanks, for all the excellent info on CBD oil. CBD oil capsules helps in reducing pain, anxiety, depression, acne, and also beneficial for heart diseases. I bought it from SolisLabs and using it for many months and have seen much improvement in me.

  • CBD is an appealing option for those who are looking for relief from pain and other symptoms without the mind-altering effects of marijuana or certain pharmaceutical drugs.
    Kevin Nelson ||

    Kevin Nelson
  • How do i return my oil for rebate did not receive or opi

  • I‚Äôm really happy to say it was an interesting post to read. I learned new information from your article, you are doing a great job. Continue..

    Knockout CBD
  • I have GERD and severe anxiety! I purchased pure Kana 1500 CBD full spectrum. I am confused by what you referred to 20 mg dosage.
    You don’t say what strength. I have tried less strength CBd oil and still felt anxious and still experiencing acid reflex pain.
    Can you help me with the strength and dosage.
    I fill the dropper up to 50, which is a half a dropper, once a day. I feel I should take more or 2 times a day. I weigh 127 and 5‚Äô7‚ÄĚ age 67.
    I appreciate your help.

  • Hi Just read your informative site: Just new to exploring CBD. It is not legal here and have great hopes that it shall be in the future‚Ķ..Cheers Bad Rheumy Bones

  • Thank you for this great site!
    I had a great teacher in grammar school! He was short, handsome, BRILLIANT, loved kids, and was a grammarian!
    He drilled into us that the word ‚Äúfewer‚ÄĚ was used when you can count something. The word ‚Äúless‚ÄĚ is used when you can not count something. There are ‚Äúless‚ÄĚ side affects is incorrect.
    Thank you for reminding me of my handsome, brilliant, funny, likeable, and lovable Mr. Giannini!! Ahhh!
    I am also surprised that you include ‚Äúsevere pain‚ÄĚ as something CBD can alleviate! Even taking 75 mg of a number of your highly recommended CBD oils does nothing for two of my pains. It does help with my many pains that are what I call 4-7‚Äôs on a scale of 1-10.
    I was born (1955) with a type of hypermobility disorder that many of us don’t live past 13.

    Carlese Ann. Pratt
  • Thank you for this great site!
    I had a great teacher in grammar school! He was short, handsome, BRILLIANT, loved kids, and was a grammarian!
    He drilled into us that the word “fewer” was used when you can count something. The word “less” is used when you can not count something. There are “less” side affects is incorrect.
    Thank you for reminding me of my handsome, brilliant, funny, likeable, and lovable Mr. Giannini!! Ahhh!
    I am also surprised that you include “severe pain” as something CBD can alleviate! Even taking 75 mg of a number of your highly recommended CBD oils does nothing for two of my pains. It does help with my many pains that are what I call 4-7’s on a scale of 1-10.
    I was born (1955) with a type of hypermobility disorder that many of us don’t live past 13.

    Carlese Ann. Pratt
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  • Knowledge giving Article! This article is so helpful, I could know from where I should start..Extremely useful and definitely I’m going to save them for future reference about what is cbd . Keep sharing!

    Jeff Taylor
  • It would be helpful, on dosage, to know frequency. Daily, twice a day, every three hours??

  • What is the difference between Nuleaf and New Leaf Naturals cbd products? I purchased New Leaf Naturals (both oil and capsules) but have yet to find much info on New Leaf brand. I have several health issues and have been trying different brands of cbd—trying to find which one works best for me.

    Elizabeth Bertelli
  • are all of your CBd recommendations full spectrum. Please recommend best full spectrum for my pain, inflamation,and anxiety. Thanks

    Anne Lasoix
  • I typically go with charlottes web or cbdistillery tbh… the rest are OK to garbage

  • Cannabidiol (CBD) has been recently covered in the media, and you may have even seen it as an add-in booster to your post-workout smoothie or morning coffee. What exactly is cbd anxiety? Why is it suddenly so popular?

    formula swiss uk
  • Last year I tried CBD oil (a;so tried gummies) for insomnia/anxiety. Had some relief, but a $175/bottle every 3 weeks got pricey. Switched to a transdermal “patch”. HUGE differences: 24 hour timed release, tasteless, odorless, and less than $100/month. Husband is now using for carpal tunnel issues. Had pain relief from FIRST USE.

    Tina VaLant
  • CBD Paste is a completely vegetable and natural product. It is a food supplement and also has a beneficial effect on the body. You can choose from the best products.

    Buy CBD Paste and Ointment
  • I you’re listing of “best of”, I don’t see one specifically best for pain. If that’s what I’m looking for which would you recommend?

    Leanne Lounsbury
  • Can you please let me know which oil is the best for anxiety
    I purchased some CBD oil but I don’t see any help
    Is you product better then others
    Please send me more info
    Thank you

    Kole ivanaj
  • I want to know if Anada CBD oil is loaded with lead? I am female 72 years of age and on Chemo. I ordered some and have heard the lead thing is real. I am trying to fight for life and do not need something that has large amounts of lead. Thank you

    mary hammond
  • I’m fully recommended Gethemp. Need to be listed.

  • thanks for the information and posts

  • Hello,

    Can you comment on the claim that the brand “House of Healing” on Amazon is lab tested? They don’t have a store other than Amazon, they don’t have a website that I can find, and I don’t seem them registered as a business in the United States. This seems really fishy to me. I have no way of contacting them other than through Amazon which I’ve been unsuccessful. Can you please provide any additional information regarding the makers of this product and its legitimacy?

  • I am a middle aged male and have many surgeries and injuries and have trouble sleeping at night. I would like to try CBD but as it is largely unregulated if at all I have read there can be many serious pesticides and heavy metals (lead) in some brands. How can we be sure we are purchasing a CLEAN product devoid of these carcinogenic items?

  • Can you tell me how many mg of cbd are in the House of Healing Pure Hemp Oil – 10,000 120ml bottle ?
    Thank you.

  • Are you not aware that Amazon doesn’t allow Cannabidiol Hemp CBD OIl to be sold on their platform? It’s goes against their restrictions. Therefore any CBD product you see on Amazon is nothing but OVERPRICED hemp seed oil and has very little health benefits. Now if you want to cash in on the CBD market legititmately and feel good knowing you are selling high quality products that work, then maybe consider our free cbd business. It’s free to join, you get free website and free back office and free capture pages and free autorepsonder and did I mention it’s free? LOL Check it out here.

    Marlene Flowers
  • I am worried what’s happening to me these past few days. I’m in the right mind to think now so i take this opportunity to ask for some help. I saw this along the way that maybe CBD can help me. I am experiencing a behavior where i feel like i am alone but i am not. I’m stressing myself with no reason, i over think with small things, i feel like im too emotional everytime someone says something about me. I know i need a professional opinion about this but i just want to have an alternative solution and i read that CBD can help me. I am not sure if this thing works. So does anybody tried it? I need a help. Please..

    Frank Mason
  • Have been on ‚ÄėDarkside‚Äô of the moon 3 years, but considering going to EPIQ, which is a good oil. It comes in a 50ml bottle and sells for 115.00 per bottle. Am 81+ was to have Left knee total replacement and both rotor cups. Knee could be better, but Rotor Cups noticeably better. Rest of known advantaged improvements are welcome ! REB

    Richard Bannier
  • This is a great list thank you. I’ve been looking for the best cbd for anxiety and this info helps a lot.

  • I wrote a review to receive my free bottle it has been almost a month. I gave you my order number off of Amazon and hoh told me they would ship me a bottle in 5 to 7 days. It’s almost been a month. I will go back to Charlottes web for my pain, anxiety, sleep and seizures if y’all can’t make this right. This is not how to keep costumers. Its not good business. Very disappointed in your fraudulent claim.
    Thank You
    Jamie Langlois
    Amazon Prime User

    Jamie Langlois
  • What’s the right cbd dosage for anxiety mg?

  • Which of these is the best cbd oil for cancer? I heard about the cbdpure hemp oil 600 when I searched the best cbd oil of reddit. Also the fab cbd and kats naturals cbd oil reviews looked pretty good. Anybody tried these for cancer?

    Ganja Grandpa

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