Best LED Grow Lights for Growing Marijuana Indoors

We reviewed hundreds of LED grow lights available on the market as of October 2018 and created a simple list to help you pick the best LED lamp for your cannabis grow. Each lamp was evaluated across a variety of factors: cost, wattage, yield, durability, spectrum and more, and these lights are truly the best options out there.

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We compiled a list of the top LED grow lights on the market for the year of 2018 (the cheat sheet table is below with price ranges). Keep in mind, price can fluctuate depending on the manufacturer so we will try to update the prices as frequently as possible. Please refer to the product links in each of the sections to get the most up to date pricing information on Amazon. 

Pro-tip: for best results, consider pairing one of these LED grow lights with one of our most recommended grow tents.

Best LED Grow Lights Review 2018

Picture Model HID- Equivalent Wattage Price Range Coverage Area Life Span
BESTVA 2000W Double Chips

Editor's choice

Check Price
7.8' x 7.5'
100,000 hrs
Advanced Platinum Series P300 300W 12-Band
Check Price
4.5' x 3.8'
100,000 hrs
Morsen 2400W Full Spectrum Panel
2400W $240-$340
Check Price
6' x 6.5'
50,000 hrs
King Plus 1200w Double Chips
Check Price
3' x 3' 100,000 hrs
Apollo Horticulture GL80X5LED 400W
Check Price
2' x 2' 50,000 hrs
Galaxyhydro 300W
Check Price
2' x 2' 50,000 hrs
California Lightworks Solarstorm 440w
Check Price
3' x 3'
80,000 hrs
Marshydro Reflector 720W
Check Price
2.5' × 4.5'
100,000 hrs
Check Price
6' x 4' 100,000 hrs
VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W
Check Price
3' x 3' 100,000 hrs


Things to consider before buying

There are a couple of things you absolutely need to consider before choosing the best LED grow light:

1) Spacing: You absolutely need to ensure that you have an idea of the amount of space you want to cover with your LED lights. Each light has a maximum range of space that it can cover, and it'll be important to understand the measurements of your grow space down to the centimeter. If you currently do not know what that is, you should find out now. After that is done, make sure you read reviews and feedback from others on the actual space that the LED light can cover (sometimes, products are not as advertised... shocking, I know). 

2) Brand/Budget/Price: This will be important as the higher-quality lights typically yield the best results. If you are a beginner, you will likely want to start with a lower priced option to get your feet feet wet. If you are more experienced, it never hurts to go with the quality, higher-priced option. In addition, brand and quality of the light is very important. A good brand that has raving customer reviews, is almost always, a sure bet.

3) Spectrum: A full spectrum LED grow light will go a long way in terms of helping your plant growth. You'll need red & blue spectrums, but also infrared and ultraviolet, depending on the stage. It's important to have a powerful light, with different wave lengths to ensure maximum growth. The full spectrum yields are a bit newer to the industry, but they are certainly making headway to any good growers catalog. They run cool and don't need any additional fans, they cost less overtime given the electrical savings, and the durability is second to none. It is highly recommended to purchase a full spectrum LED grow light. Most LED lights have a range of colors being emitted (full light spectrum) - the best lights offer the full range, including UV light. 

4)  Electrical Usage: Your LED lights will need to have durability and great electrical efficiency as well. A good LED light should be operating for at least 10-12 hours a day. When researching a good LED light, you'll need to thoroughly understand what the total output is (1000w, 400w, 300w etc). The higher you go, the more powerful and more likely leads to less electrical usage (and more cost effective for you). 

 5) Light Control: Depending on the stage, you'll want to ensure that your plants receive the proper amount of lighting (down to the exact hour). See a breakdown of the phases below for growing LED lights:

  • Seedling Phase: 16 hours on, 8 hours off
  • Vegetative Phase: 18 hours on, 6 hours off
  • Flowering Phase: 12 hours on, 12 hours off

It's extremely important that light cycles are followed to a tee as it can severely alter the growth and potency of your plants. 

What else could you possibly need? Bonus:

Grow Tent: It's definitely easier to grow when you have an enclosed environment that protects from outside forces and sunlight. You can also control the temperature a lot easier in a confined space. You may think that every grow tent is the exact same... wrong. There are different brands out there that have a higher quality tent with more openings (to provide easier access) as well as poles that are more durable. All of this matters, my recommendation for grow tent is this Apollo Horticulture Tent. This is the cream of the crop when it comes to tents. When we used this tent, we didn't see any light come through. It's easily accessible with access in the back and the front. 

Here Are The Best-Selling LED Grow Lights in 2018

Editor's Choice: BESTVA 2000W

Out of the hundreds of lights we've reviewed, the BESTVA 2000W definitely hits the sweet spot in terms of most bang for your buck. This light is priced modestly and runs very cool. It works great in different sized tents and the light spread is second to none. 

These lights are made from China, but don’t let that fool you, they're very powerful and work very well for any type of grow. The fans are extremely quiet. It’s recommended that during the flowering stage, you limit the use of this light to a 4x4 space in order to maximize for efficiency and light intensity. The design of this light allows for great light penetration and the set up is easy with minimal weight restrictions.

This light does not have a veg/flower switch, but it does have an on/off switch so it's better than some of the cheaper LED grow lights on the market. This LED grow light definitely shined during the flowering stage, the results that we saw were incredible. We were extremely impressed with this grow light, especially with the brightness (our plants were thriving).

View on Amazon

Average Amazon Review: 4.6 stars

# of Amazon Reviews: 218+



Runner Up: Advanced Platinum Series P300 300W


For those who love the P600 but don’t have quite that large of a budget or size of a grow tent, the Advanced Platinum Series P300 is a great runner-up. This is definitely a more affordable LED grow light that offers many of the same benefits as the P600, but at around half the price.

Its coverage is about 4.5 feet by 3.8 feet at an 18-inch height, perfect for compact grow areas, or when used in combination with additional lamps for larger areas. This light panel effectively replaces a 400W HPS light, while only actually using 180 watts of power – making it an energy efficient alternative to a traditional light. It’s just perfect for the small home grower. Just as the P600 represents the higher end of the market, this is still a serious piece of equipment–practically a steal for the amazing coverage you get.

This is a system that has a great high PAR per Lumen output of any other LED grow light panel I’ve seen. What does that mean? Well it means the panel gives off about 2 to 3 times the intensity of other grow lights.

More importantly, it has an 11 band spectrum that gives your marijuana plants the most nutritional value including those needed from UV and IR. The light chips are all 3W LEDs, and as I’ve mentioned before, the best 3-watt panels have an additional lens to focus the light a bit more. This panel comes with a 60-degree lens and secondary 90-degree focusing lens to give more intensity for plant growth.

The chips in this lamp are also replaceable and another reason for the slightly higher price tag. This means you can always keep that 400-watt output, even when a chip blows. Just order the one chip and replace it when it arrives from the manufacturer. With a 5-year guarantee, PlatinumLED offers security to their customers.

View on Amazon

Average Amazon Review: 4.5 stars

# of Amazon Reviews: 293+



Morsen 2400W Full Spectrum Panel - Highest Wattage

Morson is a top brand and you are looking for top quality. These lights typically run bigger and more powerful than most other LEDs. These lights have low energy consumption and really run great no matter what stage of plant growth you are in.

It’s a very high quality product and trusted brand for a very good price (especially when you compare to more expensive options out there like California Lightworks). Can be used in house garden, pot culture, sowing, a greenhouse + more. This particular product comes with a free power cord and free hanging hook. The lifespan for this light is particularly long and runs >50,000 hours and you should be good to go with the 3 year warranty in case anything breaks. This is a very safe option as it is also 3x to 5x the efficiency than HID & HPS lights.

View on Amazon

Average Amazon Review: 4.4 stars

# of Amazon Reviews: 24+



King Plus 1200w Double Chips - Good For Beginners

These lights have great design and also have high PAR value across your canopy. King Plus is a relatively new player in the market, but they have certainly come out swinging with this light. Featuring 10W Double Chips, which are brighter more efficient than traditional 3W and 5W LEDs, this lamp is scientifically engineered to keep the balance of the PAR & lumen output and coverage. It gives BESTVA a run for it's money, beating it on $ / watt, but keep in mind you typically get what you pay for and you can expect the BESTVA to last longer.

Great for grow tents, a room, and greenhouses. This is also a great product for you if you want something that’s easy to install as it comes with everything you need (hangers, cords, carabiners). 

Customers rave about how fast the plants grow and how potent they become. This light produces very high PAR at a very low wattage. Great for energy consumption and for the price, this light gets the job done.

View on Amazon

Average Amazon Review: 4.5 stars

# of Amazon Reviews: 742+



Apollo Horticulture GL80X5LED 400W - Most Trusted Brand

 Everyone knows the Apollo brand. This LED light produces very little heat because of the compactness of the product.

The Apollo brands are typically lighter in weight and this light is easier to mount inside grow tents in particular. The price is very good for someone that isn’t looking to spend much but is looking for a recognized brand and quality.

This particular product has been known to provide great light no matter what stage you are in (veg or flower). The Apollo light will have enough lumens to do whatever your plant needs to do with little to no heat and easy installation steps for you to follow. Plants respond well and these lights consume less power with great durability.

When we tested this product ourselves, we did notice that the fan did error on the hot side (despite the fact that it has fans). This light does have a lifespan of ~50,000 hours, but does lack a power switch - which can be an annoyance to some growers. What we have noticed is that this particular light is great for medium sized, simple set up.  

View on Amazon

Average Amazon Review: 3.9 stars

# of Amazon Reviews: 510+



Galaxyhydro 300W - Low Budget Choice

The first thing comes to mind for this product is the price. For what it costs, you’re getting a great product that has high output and is durable.The intensity of the light is great especially considering it is very power efficient with  great spectrum on the light. The fans on this light also help keep the temperature down dramatically and is great for a beginner indoor grower who wants to test a light at an affordable price. 

The recommended height to plant distance is around 12”-50” depending on the growing stages. The item is light at around 5 pounds and is extremely bright given the size. This light may not speed up the growing pace for your plants like some of the more expensive options, but it’s perfectly serviceable.

Despite the fact that this light doesn't offer the full spectrum setup, it is still great for growth (especially if you are a beginner doing a basic set up). You'll need to purchase basic accessories that typically don't come with the cheaper LED lights (timer).

View on Amazon

Average Amazon Review: 4.6 stars

# of Amazon Reviews: 681+


California Lightworks Solarstorm 440W - Best Spectrum


California Lightworks 440W LED Grow Light definitely falls under one of the more expensive lights on our list, but this is one situation where you get the results you pay for. This particular unit comes in a bright red color – a stark change from subtly-colored light panels from other manufacturers.

The light is a bit more intense than those with 3W chips, as this uses 5W LEDs instead – 88 of them. The optics are all jewel-quality glass focused at 90 degrees. In addition, it has two 15W UV-B tubes to enhance growth at the flowering stages. This panel runs cool and quiet with its built-in fans, and it comes with a 3-year warranty. California Lightworks is always a very well-recognized brand in the LED community, so you can't go wrong here. It's also one of the most popular lamps for producing flower for CBD oils and tinctures.

View on Amazon

Average Amazon Review: 4.7 stars

# of Amazon Reviews: 16+


Marshydro Reflector 720W - Most Versatile

This light does not get loud nor does it get loud. When we tried this light, it exceeded our expectations, especially for an “inexpensive” light.

The brand has been around for a while hence why they are able to make the installation easy for just about everyone (they've been in business for over 7 years and are a well-known brand in the industry). This light was definitely one of the more energy efficient compared to some of the other lights that we tested (especially the cheaper ones). We used ours in a 4x4 canopy and it worked great as the light was able to penetrate all open space.

This light does have the switch so you can toggle between veg/bloom mode, making this one of the premier lights for compact spaces. It can also be used for medium-sized spaces, so it's an extremely versatile. It has the full spectrum of blue, red, and white for the veg and flowering stages.

View on Amazon

Average Amazon Review: 4.6 stars

# of Amazon Reviews: 259+



G8LED 900W MEGA LED - Best Longevity

This is a very highly lauded grow light with some of the best longevity we have seen in the LED category. G8LED has had many iterations and has been producing LED grow lights for 8 years. Many bloggers and review sites describe this light as the cream of the crop, and it has been awarded some high accolades by major publications. 

These lights are for both vegetative growth and flowering and provide intense lighting for 24 square feet of canopy. The light emits low heat and requires low electricity usage. If you want to graduate from a beginner set up to a professional production, this is the perfect light for you.

You may think it is a high price tag, but the money you save through electricity costs and the durability of this light will get you a long way.

Oh and by the way? High Times rated this the best LED light of 2016.

View on Amazon

Average Amazon Review: 4.9 stars

# of Amazon Reviews: 20+



VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W - Best ROI For Small Grows

 VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 450W LED Grow Light

This is great bang for your buck. One of the lowest priced option of the bunch and great energy savings. With only 269 watts pulled from the outlet, the light is able to still give high PAR value (equivalent to a 600W HPS/MH) which will allow for very valuable savings after a few months, so you should be able to get your $ back soon.

These lights deliver 12 bands including 2 IR and 2 UV through optical lens to maximize the PAR per watt. The VIPARSPECTRA lights are great for the veg cycle and you should see results quickly with the brightness of the light. The lights themselves are very powerful, but don’t give off the same kind of heat as some of the other more expensive brands/lights on this list.

View on Amazon

Average Amazon Review: 4.6 stars

# of Amazon Reviews: 425+


Frequently Asked Questions

How many watts per plant for LED Grow Lights?

The amount of watts per plant will depend on how you pack your and train your plants, determining how many square feet each plant takes up. As a rule, you'll get the best yields with about 35 watts per square foot for LED, and 45 watts per square foot for HIDs. Keep in mind, this is that actual wattage pulled from the wall, which for led grow lights is usually a lot less than what the light is labeled. For example, an LED light that is labeled as 300W will typically pull only about 180W from the wall. Below is quick guide as a rule of thumb.

Watts per plant for growing with LEDs:

Plant Size  HID-Equivalent Watts Per Plant
1 sq ft 35 W
2 sq ft 70 W
4 sq ft 140 W


What's the proper distance from plants for LED Grow Lights?

While LED lights don't run as hot as HIDs, they still put out a very high intensity of light which is great for yields but can also cause light burn for your plants if you're not careful. To avoid light burn you want to make sure your LED grow light fixtures are far enough above the top of your plants' canopy. The exact amount of distance you need varies by the stregth of the bulbs. Follow the below table as a general rule of thumb. If in doubt, always keep LEDs further away.

LED grow light distance from plant:

LED Wattage  HID-Equivalent Wattage Distance from top of canopy
250 W 150 W 12 - 24 inches
450 W 270 W 14 - 30 inches
600 W 360 W 14 - 36 inches
900 W 540 W 16 - 36 inches


What are the pros and cons of LED Grow Lights vs. HPS?

There's a lot of debate among growers about whether HID lights (HPS and Metal Halide) are better or worse than LEDs. The truth is, one isn't holistically better than the other, it just depends on your needs and priorities for your grow. Take a look at the comparison table below to help you understand what type of lighting is best for your grow.

Comparison of LED Grow Lights vs. HPS:

LED Grow Lights  HPS Grow Lights
More energy efficient. LED grow lights can produce as much as twice the light output for the same power consumption. Less energy efficient. HPS lights consume more energy than LEDs to produce the same light output.
Longer lifespan. LED bulbs last longer than HIDs meaning you have to replace them less often. Shorter lifespan. HPS lights diminish in intensity faster than LEDS, and need bulbs replaced every 12 - 18 months.
Low heat output. LEDs run colder than HPS and require less ventilation maintain healthy grow room temp. High heat output. HPS lights run hot and often require additional ventilation to maintain healthy grow room temp.
Good for closet or beginner grows. LEDs typically come as compact, all-in-one fixtures, making them better for small spaces and closet or tent grows. Good for large or professional grows. HPS lights provide high-intensity/high-yields and versatility to swap out bulbs with MH to change spectrum between veg and flowering.
Higher up-front cost. LEDs typically cost more up-front, but save money in the long run due to longer lifespan and lower energy consumption. Lower up-front cost. HPS lights are typically cheaper watt-for-watt, but this gap in cost has been closing.
Harder to shop for. The quality and specs of LEDs vary highly across manufacturers, requiring more research when you shop. Easier to comparison shop. HPS lights have been around longer and are more standardized across manufacturers.


Comparable Models

For each light we reviewed above, there's several comparable models from the same manufacturer that scale up or down in terms of wattage. If you like one of those lights, but the wattage on the one we reviewed just isn't quite right for your grow, check the reference list below to see if there's a model that better fits your needs.

California Lightworks Solarstorm 440

Similar Model  Amazon Link
California Lightworks Solarflare 110 View on Amazon
California Lightworks Solarflare 220 View on Amazon
California Lightworks Solarsystem 275 View on Amazon
California Lightworks Solarsystem 550 View on Amazon
California Lightworks Solarsystem 1100 View on Amazon
California Lightworks Solarstorm 440 View on Amazon
California Lightworks Solarstorm 880 View on Amazon

Advanced Platinum Series P300

Similar Model  Amazon Link
Advanced Platinum Series P300 View on Amazon
Advanced Platinum Series P600 View on Amazon
Advanced Platinum Series P900 View on Amazon

Morsen 2400W Full Spectrum Panel

Similar Model  Amazon Link
Morsen Reflector-Series 600W View on Amazon
Morsen Reflector-Series 1200W View on Amazon
Morsen Reflector-Series 1800W View on Amazon
Morsen Reflector-Series 2400W View on Amazon
Morsen 1500W Full Spectrum Panel View on Amazon
Morsen 2000W Full Spectrum Panel View on Amazon
Morsen 2400W Full Spectrum Panel View on Amazon
Morsen 3000W Full Spectrum Panel View on Amazon

GoGrow V3 Master Grower 630W

Similar Model  Amazon Link
GoGrow V1 Master Grower 315W View on Amazon
GoGrow V3 Master Grower 630W View on Amazon

Apollo Horticulture GL80X5LED 400W

Similar Model  Amazon Link
Apollo Horticulture GL60LED Full Spectrum 180W View on Amazon
Apollo Horticulture GL60LED Full Spectrum 300W View on Amazon
Apollo Horticulture GL80X5LED Full Spectrum 400W View on Amazon
Apollo Horticulture GL140X5LED Full Spectrum 700W View on Amazon

Galaxyhydro 300W

Similar Model  Amazon Link
Galaxyhydro 300W View on Amazon
Galaxyhydro 600W View on Amazon

BESTVA 2000W Double Chips

Similar Model  Amazon Link
BESTVA 800W Double Chips View on Amazon
BESTVA 1000W Double Chips View on Amazon
BESTVA 1200W Double Chips View on Amazon
BESTVA 1500W Double Chips View on Amazon
BESTVA 1800W Double Chips View on Amazon
BESTVA 2000W Double Chips View on Amazon

MARS HYDRO Reflector 720W

Similar Model  Amazon Link
Mars Hydro 300W View on Amazon
Mars Hydro 600W View on Amazon
Mars Hydro Reflector 240W View on Amazon
Mars Hydro Reflector 480W View on Amazon
Mars Hydro Reflector 720W View on Amazon
Mars Hydro Reflector 960W View on Amazon


Similar Model  Amazon Link
G8LED 240W View on Amazon
G8LED 450W View on Amazon
G8LED 600W View on Amazon
G8LED 900W View on Amazon

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W

Similar Model  Amazon Link
VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W View on Amazon
VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 450W View on Amazon
VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W View on Amazon
VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 900W View on Amazon
VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 1200W View on Amazon
VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Series 300W View on Amazon
VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Series 450W View on Amazon
VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Series 600W View on Amazon
VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Series 700W View on Amazon
VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Series 1200W View on Amazon




Photos of the lights in action


Best Led Grow Lights For Growing Marijuana BESTVA 2000W

Advanced Platinum P300:

Best Led Grow Lights For Growing Marijuana Advanced Platinum P300 300w

Morsen 1500W:

Best Led Grow Lights For Growing Marijuana Morsen 1500W

Marshydro 960W:

Best Led Grow Lights For Growing Marijuana Marshydro 960W


Best Led Grow Lights For Growing Marijuana Viparspectra 600W



  • I’ve tried the morsen 2400w full spectrum panel after reading a review of the best led grow lights on reddit and some other forums. I’m also quite interested in the king plus 1200w double chips. Seems like a lot of the info out there is for the best led grow lights for vegetables. Curious – what’s different between what cannabis plants need vs. vegetables?

    Cali Closet Grower
  • Wondering if someone can contact me about submitting my LED grow light line for testing and review on your site. Please email me through my website
    Thank you

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  • I use a solarstorm 220. Good potency but not quite powerful enough for an ideal yield. I am looking to supplement the light. I see it gets a bit tricky just putting one light beside another. The intensity on the solarstorm is higher than some of it’s competition. So, if you wanted to supplement your main light, would you buy another similar light and place them side by side or by individual bulbs at say 100w each? I use a 6×3×3 tent and hang my light 18" above the canopy. Looking for any advice, thank you.

  • I really do appreciate your effort on writing on this site. Very useful and helpful one especially on the beginner like me.
    MJ Seeds Canada

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  • This posts are great.

    Please forgive the jumping. JCBritw LED Grow Light is about to release new lights modes around August.
    They are looking for some planters for free testing.
    If you’re intested in this brand and their products, please contact for more deails.

    Light tests
  • Thank you this tips and guide on what to choose the best led grow lights for cannabis.

    MJ Seeds

    MJ Seeds
  • This list is full of misinformation and is completely wrong. Its because of this page and others like it that I wasted nearly a thousand dollars when I was first beginning to grow. I’m sure this comment may not be posted but I had to try, knowing these lights are a waste of money and time. They’re inefficient and have zero penetration. And the lies they tell should be illegal. Not one of these lights is equal to a single ended hps, much less a double ended. And some are claiming to be a direct replacement for 2000w hps! It’s absurd and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Anyone reading this list, PLEASE do not listen. Try looking into cob lights to begin with. Or quantum boards. There’s even better out now but those are both a great place to start and both will easily pull over a gram per watt. My first cob run yielded 1.7g/w while my best with the lights on this list was .81g/w. That’s MORE than double the return!!

    George Best
  • Good guide, like the BESTVA for the price. Rest of the products are OK

    Jon He Lee

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