Bruce Banner Strain

Bruce Banner Strain Review

Bruce Banner is among the most potent strains in the world. This strain was got its name from the Incredible Hulk, and it’s for a reason. Bruce banner comprises of high THC levels and powerful effects which makes users have a massive cerebral and physical high.

Bruce Banner is a hybrid strain produced by crossing Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush. This strain offers a heavy-hitting high accompanied by culminating and balanced effects that will give you the best of both worlds.

Bruce Banner is a dominant strain that has five distinct phenotypes. A few variations of this strain have more THC content than others. For instance, Bruce Banner #3, can feature a THC content of nearly 30%.


Bruce Banner Experience

Bruce Banner is a Sativa-dominant strain produced by crossbreeding the legendary OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel from Delta9 Labs. This mixture leads to a mind-blowing strain with balanced effects. Users who smoke this strain will experience heady effects which are quick to arrive, but the classic slow Indica body heaviness will start setting in after a couple of minutes. 

Due to the high THC content of this strain, it offers potent euphoric effects. Furthermore, this strain is somewhat energizing, and it’s suitable for daytime usage.


Traits of Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner has an earthy and sweet smell which features some strong lemon-lime and diesel flavors. The seeds usually have relatively high yields and generate clean and big trichomes. The Buds tend to appear in bright lime green with striking red hairs. When this strain is left in the soil for a long time before harvesting, its effects become more relaxed. Late harvests often lead to more relaxed outcomes. However, if you want a more stimulating effect, then it’s preferable to harvest early.



Most users have acknowledged that Bruce Banner smashes them in the head with the strong arms from the incredible HULK himself. The results of this strain commence in the eyes, and the temples and users will begin feeling the effects immediately. The buzz that comes from this strain is escalating, euphoric and creative. Furthermore, the high lacks lethargy or any unwanted drowsiness. Users will also feel the strains active cannabinoids pulsing through their body, relaxing the senses and the muscles. Bruce Banner is among the top wake and bake strains due to its ability to make users creative and inspired.

The high that comes from Bruce Banner is different from the one you get from any other strain. Only a couple of hits will take your mind away. It is recommended for people looking for the perfect blend of positive thinking and clear-headed lightness.


Medical Benefits of Bruce Banner

This strain is excellent for people seeking relief from detrimental health conditions including spinal cord injury and chronic migraines. However, due to the strong effects of this strain, it’s not suitable for those suffering from anxiety.

  • This strain can also fight against arthritis-related pain
  • Many people have used this strain to gain relief from stress, ADHD, and anxiety
  • Those suffering from depression may find this strain very uplifting