Sour Diesel Strain

Sour Diesel

One of the most famous legendary strains the market that spawned many other hybrid varieties of cannabis, Sour Diesel is a strain to reckoned and something that should be in every cannabis cultivators arsenals.

A sativa dominant strain that was developed in the United States and has made itself as a strong and potent strain. THC measures in at 20-25% and the many varieties of Sour Diesel are well known amongst both the growing and recreational community. Although the exact cannabis genetics of Sour Diesel is not known it seems to be common general knowledge that it is a cross of Diesel, Chemdawg, Super Skunk and/or Northern Lights or thereabouts. The strain made a name for itself early in the illegal underground scene in the early 1990s and labelled itself as a legendary strain soon after. Winning multiple cannabis cups from the High Times Plant of the Year to 2005 IC Magazine Cup, Sour Diesel was a legacy and also provided top genetics for many of the hybrid varieties that have been created since. Sour Tsunami, East Coast Diesel, Sour Jack, NYC Diesel to name a few are some of the hybrids that have been created by breeders and seedbanks alike.

ChemDawg  - Breeder

First of all, I go way back to the beginning 92-93. my good friend from NY was the one who got the Chem Dawg and Super Skunk first. And yes the Chem was first called Diesel because people did not like the name and because it was the "Cock Diesel". But you don't talk about the next strain created from the Chem Dawg. Also known as UnderDawg, Daywrecker, Diesel no.1 (Chem Dawg x super skunk/NL) from this the Sour was born hermied from the DNL(skunk).  


Sour D is a top shelf favorite amongst medical patients. It is well known that quick relief is experienced after treatment for depression, stress and pain. The calming effects of Sour Diesel are what is really unique about its properties as its also a very good social cannabis strain.   

“ It helps with pain that came from taking a statin drug. It helps my anxiety disorder and depression. It keeps me sane when dealing with the grandkids.”  


It is also a moderatly easy strain to grow, that grows tall with small round buds and leave you with a decent harvest of pungent flowers.

Sour Diesel Statistics

70% Sativa; 30% Indica.

Indoor vegetative period: 2 to 3 weeks.

Indoor flowering period: 75 to 85 days.

Indoor production (per m2): 500 grams approximately.

Outdoor height: 2 m.

Outdoor flowering period: 9- 10 weeks

Outdoor production: 600 grams approximately.

THC: 20-25%

CBD: Low

Sour Diesel may be grown indoors or outdoors as long as the growing conditions are right. One thing to bear in mind is that Sour Diesel is not a discreet cannabis plant to grow as the aroma’s and smells given off are loud and very similar to gasoline! Vegetative growth either indoors or outdoors can be between 2 -3 weeks as these plants stretch a lot in their flowering phase of growth. 

Plant the seeds in nutrient-rich well composted soil in big pots. Sour Diesel tends to form good strong roots that obviously feed the bud sites during flowering. She likes nitrogen during the vegetative period and a decent amount of phosphorus during the flowering cycle.   

The plant can grow taller than 6 foot so you will need to look at ways at training the beast to fit her under your lights. Because it is a sativa it does take some time finish flowering and you will need to wait at least 9 weeks to experience a well-grown flower. The small rounded buds are not dripping with trichomes but you will note that the pungent aroma is around. Outdoor harvesting of Sour D is later than the usual October for cannabis strains and expect to look at this in November for maximum yield and effect. The flowers sprout many pinkish-orange hairs from the bud site, covering the flowers with pistils. 

You can expect to yield about 20 ounces indoors and outdoors from Sour D. The plant has a good leaf-to-node ratio so you won't waste your time trimming lots of leaves.


The Sour D strain is very popular amongst medical patients as it has little effect on the body, more focused on the cerebral high and won't deplete your energy levels. You can also really expect a little amount of Sour D to go a long way with its long-lasting effects!

Expect to be revitalized when consuming this sativa dominant plant, perfect for wake-and-bake sessions this cannabis will give you the energy you need in the morning. With less than 30% indica you will only experience subtle couch-lock effects, but rather feeling light, airy and happy.


As simple as gasoline with hints of orange, lemon and citrus, hence the sour part of the name. Although a sativa strain the aroma is thick and tasty, almost like an indica. The skunky and pungent flavor of Sour D will overwhelm many of the other subtle flavors. Also, note how the scent after combustion lingers around you for a while.   

Sour Diesel is a classic cannabis strain for both medical and recreational cannabis users. Moderately easy to grow as a cannabis consumer and in a legal state you should consider giving this strain a try, not just for its potent medicinal properties but also because of its punch. 


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