Strawberry Cough Strain

Strawberry Cough Strain

Strawberries are a sweet and versatile treat. The can be used for different purposes and can be a great addition to your breakfast, lunch, and dessert. Similar to strawberry, this cannabis strain can be used in many occasions. Strawberry cough can give you the burst of creative energy needed to power through a set of challenging tasks. It can also be used to facilitate conversation during a group meeting or any social gathering. Strawberry banana strain can provide you with the desired effects while offering a delicious sweet and crisp flavor similar to that of fresh strawberries.


Strawberry Kush traits

Kyle Kushman became the pioneer of this strain when he first bred it in 2000. Strawberry Cough became popularly acclaimed in the New York cannabis scene. Kushman later relocated to California to popularize the strain in the Californian cannabis market. He also sold seeds to many growers along the way, which further increased the popularity of the strain. Kushmann’s first formulation of the strain could only be reproduced through cloning; therefore, his Johnny Appleseed-esque cross country distribution played a vital role in the popularity of the strain. Nowadays, a new version of the strain has been bred, which can generate seeds. This new genetic formulation was produced by mixing Afghani and Blackberry. This sativa dominant strain is composed of an average THC content of 19% and CBD levels of 0.8%. This strain also has a 10% Ruderalis genetics, which gives its auto-flowering properties.


Strawberry kush yields

Similar to other cannabis strains, strawberry banana strain will produce high yields when grown using the right climate, sun exposure, and fertilizers. However, unlike most sativa dominant strains, strawberry cough is also well suited for indoor growing. Strawberry kush portrays a compact and dense growth pattern which contains bud sites similar to a pure indica strain. The plants won’t grow to your ceiling, and you won’t have to worry about light penetration through the buds.

Strawberry Cough is usually straightforward to grow, and it requires constant temperatures to produce great buds. The Strawberry kush plant is sturdy and can easily resist diseases like spider-mites. It generates robust branches which cannot easily break under the weight of its dense buds. The plant can also withstand natural disasters such as a windstorm.


Strawberry kush effects

Apart from having a good background and traits, Strawberry Cough also offers a superb high and smokability. This is where Strawberry Cough is at its best. Accompanied by several awards, this strain consist of vibrant, distant flowers accompanied by a sweet and a cerebral high.

When you light up this bud, great smell of strawberry filled with earthy undertones hits you. This is followed by a cerebral high. Once you start combusting, the scent of earth and black pepper fill up the smoke. Talking about smoke, Strawberry Cough generates a thick THC smoke which fills up the surroundings. The strawberry banana flavor usually results in coughing, particularly when inhaled and exhaled. This strain offers high levels of THC during ingestion.